Wii For Me

About a year ago my girlfriend came home one day and said, “we should get a Wii.” Oh I was excited. She was never really a big video game person. She liked classic games like Tetris and Super Mario, but all the older games from Nintendo and Atari. I had been wanting an Xbox 360 for a few years. I already owned the original Xbox, but I barley played it. It still sits in my office covered with dust.

So we picked up a Nintendo Wii. We loved it, played the game that came with it for about a week. Then the excitement for me tapered off.  I downloaded all the old classics and enjoyed playing those. Found new versions of the old classics and quickly enjoyed those. We play it now and again, but her library gets more use out of it. She brings it into work for the kids to have championship battles in the Library.

So when I was looking for the right games for me to play, I went straight to the Wii. I have paid a lot of money for it, time for it to help me out. We own a number of games. Some I bought, some she bought. I don’t generally like her games, and neither she mine.

I like action games. I have a lot of James Bond type games for the old Xbox and for the Wii I usually rent the Lego Action games like Batman, Indiana Jones or Star Wars. She likes the more simple games where you have constant activity. Her favorite game is Raymonds Raving Rabbids.

I had never played it before so I chose Raymond. At first it seemed very elementary. I needed to take the Wii remotes and mimic running as fast as I could before a package I was given could explode. I won that pretty quickly and was impressed. I move on to something else where I had to draw with the Wii remotes the outline of an image on my screen. This was extremely complicated.  I failed miserably. Then I was challenged to use the remotes and to swing a cow as fast as I could as far as I could. I managed this quite well. Finally I then had a dance competition with crazy bunnies that charged the stage. As the bunnies came at me I needed to swat them away with the remotes. This proved to be my weakest moment. I kept at this a number of times and did get a little better, but not by much.

Frustrated with this game I moved on to a Wii sports game we bought in order to get an extra remote. I never played the game before. It has just sat there for months. On it you can fish, play pool, ride a cow, and a few other games. I rode the cow, and did quite well. You have to stay on the shaking cow and knock things out of your way.

Next up was a game of pool. I found this to be hard. I had terrible aim and was too powerful on my strikes or too weak.

Finally I decided to go to an old standby, Dr. Mario. Which has been improved for Nintendo Wii. You can play the old classic version or a new online version. I went online and chose to look for a live partner somewhere across the globe.  As I sat there waiting for the system to find me a partner, I thought how amazing it is that another person on the planet is looking for a partner to play against as well. That two complete strangers from different pint in the world are going to interact, however brief, on a video game. I enjoyed this game. We didn’t chat but we did play a few founds.

As I mentioned earlier I am a small time gaming geek. I look forward to the Lego games and the Batman Arkham Asylum

type games, sadly most of these are pretty lousy for the Wii due to the controls. One day I will get an Xbox. I would love an Xbox for multiple reasons. The live feature and also the Nexflix live stream as well.

Throughout all of the games I did play, there was a great deal of focus required, hand eye co-ordination, and creativity. Clearly displaying why games can be good for us.