Human Nature?

While reading through everyone’s blogs from class tonight, I have yet to find anyone who fell in love with Second Life. What I have found are a series of mixed experiences, but one certainly stands out. Desiree’s blog recounts a near violent moment that is very scary. She was simply trying to interact with fellow people in Second Life when she was nearly attacked. Come one people! We are still human’s last I checked, not monsters. Even in a virtual world, there is a level of decorum one must expect from his fellow human beings.

During our class meet up tonight, we talked about how normal everyone in class chose to stay, especially with all the creative options one might have open to them in this virtual world. I had mentioned that even if we wanted to go crazy, we all still know each other through the class. Second Life is kinda like the out of control office Christmas party everyone talks about, where all the employees are drunk and doing the craziest stuff they would never do in a normal working day.

Certainly the point of Second Life is to go somewhere new and different to meet new people, and have pleasant experiences, and to check out of what can be a real stressful and crazy world. Why on earth would anyone want to go to an over-saturated commercial filled land where the average people are just crazy, and that’s the norm.

My advice to Second Life, if you want to stay current and still try and make it into the mainstream, find a better way to welcome new people in.