The Perfect Storm

This is a fantastic week to be talking about how the desgin of something (specifically websites and computers), directs our lives, and not the other way around.

If you have watched any TV in the last few months, then maybe you have seen some commercials for the merger of Commerce Bank and TD Banknorth,  into TD Bank. The pitch of the commercials (featuring celebrities Regis and Kelly) have stressed how flawless and easy the switch would be. Sadly no one talked this over with the IT department.

For the last four days their internet banking has not worked properly. This past Monday was the date they were switching over, or rather merging their banking systems to finish the merger of the banks. This week the system crashed four times. Customers cannot see their up to date account status. For a lot of people it’s a pay week with direct deposit, social security week, and rent week. Money is coming in and out of these accounts all the time, but even more so on the start of a new month.

On top of all of this, the bank is apologizing to their customers by depositing small “thank you” deposits. Basically giving them a little extra cash to make up for the headache. Where does this money come from and how are they affording this?  TD Bank says they have an “emergency fund” just for situations like this. Just last month TD Bank told their customers fees were increasing.

Oddly enough the bank is not getting in front of the situation, other than putting out a press release.

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