Just A Little Aggregating…

I am still in the early stages of learning Twitter. I am enjoying it more than I had before though. I started a twitter account for my newsmagazine show called “207” if you want to follow us it’s @207TV. In the aggregating world I am grabbing mostly other class members blogs. I have our professor’s blog, or rather our class blog. I also have the following: Chuck Q, Old TV News Guy, Dogfish60, and my own. I am also following the “Social Media FTW” feed I mentioned in a previous post. Finally I also have my own Twitter feed too. There is another from class I want to follow but cannot find the feed link on his blog. So if @TheGrimaldi is reading this please let me know where I can find the link to follow your feed in Google reader.

There are other feeds I would like to follow, certain TV shows. I am trying not to. I want to try and keep to things that actually relate to class (not so on twitter).  In my Apples’ Mail program I do have an “Add RSS” feature which I have been using for years. I admit I did try to just add a few to that but many would not work. Oddly enough though my own blog did work. The class blog did not. which i best it is forccing me to use the Google reader and not get lazy.

One more note on the Twitter page. It only dawned upon me tonight to use the # sign before 501dc. I saw someone else do it and realized that was the way to find everyone. I saved the search and I am now in the process of following more folks from class. Does it matter of they are in the acutal classroom versus the “Online Classroom?”