New blog name: The Happy Hooligan

Shortly after I first switched over from producing full-time to being a social media reporter, I got my first complaint call. I’ve taken these calls for years as a producer, so I was prepared for whatever crazy thing they were going to say. In the past I’ve heard from people that were upset over how much cleavage an anchor was showing, how bad an anchor’s shoes were, how ugly someone’s glasses were, and how awful their hair was. There are also the more standard calls of “that person on TV is sending me a direct message, please ask them to stop.”

So I was ready for what was bound to be coming my way. Since most of my reports are focused on technology, and social media, I often talk about some confusing things (to older viewers that is). In this instance I think I was explaining a new Facebook feature that had just rolled out.

As I walked back into the newsroom from the set, one of the photographers yelled out “Hey we got a complaint about you!”

I said, “Oh what did they say?”

Photog: “She said that while you seemed like a nice young man, to tell that happy hooligan to knock it off with all of his computer shit!”

Me: “oh, anything else?”

Photog: “No that was about it, but I did tell her you were nice.”

Me: “thanks?”

Since graduating grad school, I keep coming back to this blog. I’m not entirely sure what to do with it, but I know I need to keep it. I need to keep writing – if for no other reason then to stay on my toes creatively. It’s also a good therapy from time to time. More importantly though, it helps me to continue to grow as a writer (I still have trouble with tenses and possessives). I’m not saying this is ever going to become Shakespeare over here, but one can only grow as a writer — if you write. So it’s good to have an outlet. I know the viewing public on this blog is quite small, so I think of it like a comic trying out new material in one of those tiny clubs in New York at 2 am.

I was nagged all the time during grad school to come up with something more creative than “Not Just Another TV Geek.” I just never found anything I liked more. I’d like to find something that works with my Twitter handle of @Timebrat, but I don’t think that idea is anywhere right now. So for the time being, I like “The Happy Hooligan.”