Digital Stalking?

At this point in the web world, if you are at all computer savvy, then you probably know what a cookie is? Basically it’s a way for websites to track you as you browse online. It can also be a way for sites to remember you when you come back to them. Most of us never think about them. Usually we can deleted them and never worry about them again. We can even tell our web browsers to never allow them. They do have some use, but mostly for others. We have always had the option of allowing this personal information to be released, but do we still?

A Blog at TechRepublic reports that something called a “FlashCookie” is going a bit too far and neither asking or allowing us to remove it. Is our privacy at risk? In a time when we share everything about ourselves on facebook and twitter does our privacy even matter anymore?

Here is the blog: TechRepublic

And my comment on the blog: Comment