The Hot Tub of Communications

As I often tell people, the TV industry is pretty small, and everyone knows everyone. How small you might be asking?

Today I headed back to my undergraduate college, Lyndon State, located in the North East Kingdom of Vermont. I am a proud graduate of Lyndon, and anytime the TV program needs something, I am there. I came back to give a presentation to the freshman class about my career in television. So why was this trip so unique?

After giving my talk, and catching up with a lot of folks, my girlfriend and I headed back to the hotel. We love this hotel because they have a really nice pool, and a hot tub. Perfect after a long day.

As we’re sitting in the hot tub, a lovely woman who graduated from LSC in 1979 (the year my girlfriend was born) joined us. We started talking, we discover she grew up the next town over from where we currently live in the state of Maine. Then another couple joined in. They were visiting their son, a freshman at Lyndon, who is also a TV student, and was in the class I spoke to earlier.

We all got to talking, and soon I discover the couple’s son was also a guest on my TV show a few months ago. As they’re describing their life in Maine, they mention they moved up from Florida. “Where in Florida?” the woman who graduated in ’79 asks. Turns out, she now lives in the town next to the city they recently moved from. They started swapping names and discovered a few common friends.

As we all become fast friends, I started thinking just how small this great world of ours is, and how nice it was to start up a chat with a few perfect strangers. Had we stayed silent, this lovely moment could have been lost.