What’s Old is New Again

Today, within the great walls of NEWS CENTER, we found out that the old classic show “Bewitched” is going to start running at 3pm on our air. Yes, that Bewitched, the one with two Darrin Stephens and one nightmare of a mother-in law, will be re-run once again on WCSH6.

I am an utter geek when it comes to television. Classic TV sets me off on some of my geekiest rants. This year I turn 30-years old. When I was a little kid, before TVLand and Nick-at-Nite, I would look forward to the syndicated re-runs of some of our nations greatest TV classics.  Shows like The “The Dick Van D/ke Show,” “I Dream of Jeannie,” and yes “Bewitched.” Many of these shows would air just before school started, or were on when I got home. I hated leaving the house before each episode was finished. Sick days, and summer vacations, were filled with great marathons of the shows I have come to adore.

My love of producing TV came out of a passion for watching TV. Which is why I am so excited about Bewitched coming back. When I was five years old I had no idea what editing was. To me, the magic of the show was real. With the snap of a finger, or wrinkle of a nose, all kinds of wonder could be created. It’s more then nostalgia, it’s the building blocks for the direction I took in life.

Certainly some may scoff at the notion of a show from the late 60’s being re-run in 2010, and I respect where they are coming from. However, somewhere in Maine or New Hampshire there is going to be a little kid, like me, who has never seen Bewitched before. One afternoon they’ll be flipping around and land on our station. And maybe, just maybe, that same spark that lit inside of me, will trigger a future editor or producer and that’s good enough for me.

Through that spark comes an incredible sense of pride in working for WCSH. As I walk through the doors of the station each day, I know I am apart of something special. As silly as it may sound, that respect comes from an appreciation of our television history. While the formats and ideas might be different, the fabric of what makes TV great is found in both what has gone before and what is still to come.

You can catch Bewitched starting the week of September 13th at 3pm.