While reading this week “Wikinews: The Next Generation of Alternative Online News?” I was inspired to lock in an idea for my final project. In my initial “three idea” proposal I had offered up a website for “consumer media.” Now having been a bit more educated I can narrow in on my objective.

I wish to build a combination of Wikinews and Craigslist.  All news is local. So in my site the consumer or “produsers,” as Dr. Burns calls them, can go to the home page, choose their town, and state, then upload their story.

At first glance Wikinews is too simple and makes it a bit too hard to find anything. If I wants something local, it should be easier and quicker to find. Also there are audio files but no video. What if I want to upload video? We could also embed video from other news-sites too.


I cite craigslist because the breakdown is so useful. State then city then category.

Criagslist page Craigslist Maine

My “QwikiMedia” would break it down as State, Town, then category. On Wikinews there is just “news” on mine there should be more categories, and also there should be a video section, and an audio section. There could also be a town resource section too. It’s frustrating to search multiple town websites for information on my town. So if there was a bulletin or update for the city, it could be posted here. Same goes for a police log or police notices for the public. There are a great many updates that could be posted here.

I also still say that if there “produser” is reporting, unless it is from first hand experience, then they will be required to cite their sources. Also I agree with Wikinews, there is no need for commenting on the site. The core of the idea is to tell your story.